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Coh&Co Copenhagen was born in the heart of the Danish capital to which its name refers.

Bred on a cycling lifestyle Coh&Co Copenhagen challenges traditional bicycle design to bring new riding experiences, quality and a sustainable mindset to urban cycling. Our ideals are rooted in the thought that we need to raise the bar on how we experience riding, maintaining and owning our bicycles.

We back this experience with a transferable lifetime guarantee which keeps wheels rolling through a “Lifecycle Programme”. With this we assure you that, if you maintain and service your bicycle properly, then we will stand by it; and when one day it is ready for retirement or refurbishing we will assist you in taking responsibility for doing so properly.

We like to say that we make ”bicycles for life”.

StoneWeave technology

The name ’StoneWeave’ refers to Coh&Co Copenhagen’s new and radical frame building technology. Interweaving carbon and stone fibres and fusing them in the world’s first recyclable high-performance composite resin, opens new doors for sustainable composite technologies as such – and for the utilisation of composites for bike manufacturers in particular.

In addition to be the world’s first fully reclaimable composite bicycle, our StoneWeave technology lends itself to producing exceptionally tough frames at reasonable weights. Tough as can be and void of the corrosion issues so common to traditional urban frame technologies, StoneWeave frames are ideal for creating the low maintenance high power ride craved by urban bike commuters.


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