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Old Man Mountain racks have been around the world, from Alaska to Antarctica, and they’ve carried everything from briefcases and beer to a month’s worth of provisions for unsupported adventure. They’re built to last and have a proven track record.

Trust us, the last thing we want is a call from a customer deep in the Peruvian Andes who needs a replacement rack! Whether you’re headed out to do some birding and bringing a tripod and picnic along, going on a packrafting trip for a week, a quick overnight just out of town, or riding to work, The Divide has your back.

The full deck has plentiful lashing points and the low pannier rails make it easy to take panniers on and off when gear is on the deck. They also move the weight of your gear lower on the bike, improving your center of gravity and handling.

The dropouts are adjustable so you can perfectly dial in how the rack fits on your bike. It comes ready to mount front or rear if your bike has rack mounts. If your bike doesn’t have mounts we’ve got you covered.

We make a full line of Fit Kits to axle mount the rack. In addition to fitting nearly any bike with the Fit Kits, they also protect your bike from overloading your eyelets, increase the stiffness of the rack, and raise the weight capacity to a whopping 70lbs! We won’t tell you that 70lbs would be fun to ride with. We’re just saying you can. And, it’s fun to note that the weak point in this system is your bike frame and not our rack. 😉

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