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Ideal Qualia = Ideal Texture
Tools are used by hand. Look at the tool, touch it, put it into force, and put thought into the machine ahead. In this series of movements, we pursue the texture that the mechanics feel with sensitivity.


"RUN WELL". Those who have a tool, a brand name that expresses the desire that the mechanic entrusts to the bike "want to run fast" straight.
The sensibility of each tool holder is satisfied with the value of the tool, and I want to continue manufacturing that resonates with the feelings of the brand.
In order to keep the commitment and pride in Made in Japan, the RUNWELL logo marks the Ranwell "La".


Uprising scene

The history of manufacturing in Tsubamesanjo is long and the culture is deeply rooted. The local manufacturing that began as a farmer's secondary business has developed craftsmanship and is still passed down to the younger generation. Runwell is also creating products that express the uniqueness of Tsubamesanjo by developing products that combine the technology and technology of the craftsmen. The craftsmanship and craftsmanship skills shown in the photo give Runwell products an ideal qualia.

Development tool scene

Design and design. Based on Runwell's concept, R & D will be repeated through design, design, prototyping, and trial and error. Naturally, we aim to have a good texture and usage feeling at the design stage, but only those items with designs that have a presence in everyday life will be on the market. In the sample room, tools that have not yet appeared in the world are in plastic, and tools that are not even in shape are breathing in the state of drawings in the personal computer. I want to provide tools that give me the impression of technology and texture, and the presence of ideas and design.

rocessing scene

The tool after hot forging once goes to the heat treatment process called “annealing” and enters the machining factory where it is easy to process. In the processing plant, drilling with a drilling machine or machining center, cutting with a machine called broaching machine, NC lathe, or milling machine are performed, and surface machining with a vibrating barrel is performed. The track record of meeting the demands of major manufacturers has greatly expanded the possibilities of product development at Runwell.

Hot forging

Hot forging techniques are indispensable for making strong, hard and flexible tools. Hot forging is a processing method that, when heated at 1200 degrees, applies pressure by striking a metal with a metal mold to crush voids inside the metal to increase its strength and form it into the desired shape. The strength of Runwell is that it has forging technology of steel, stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloy. At the forging site, veterans in their 60s and young people in their 20s are engaged in the work, studying and passing on the skills.

Laser cutting

Cutting sheet metal from 0.3mm to 12mm thick. Runwell plate materials are made by laser cutting. The reason for cutting with a laser instead of a press is to reduce the damage to the nut and mating parts due to the sag of the plate material and rough fracture surface that occur during press processing, and to improve dimensional accuracy compared to press processing. In addition, since a mold is not required, it is also useful for prototyping when developing products repeatedly.



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