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Doppio CX

ללכת עם ולהרגיש בלי. שני הילוכים בציר המרכזי של האופניים. מייתר את המעביר הקדמי, מכפיל ביחס ש  1:1.57 כל סט הילוכים שקיים בגלגל האחורי.

The planetary gear inside the Doppio


he 2-speed bottom bracket gearbox “Doppio” from Kappstein is a compact, light and comfortable transmission unit in the bottom bracket bearing. Thanks to the extremely compact design, the entire gearbox is only 1cm wide and only about 200g heavier than conventional bottom brackets. The Doppio offers the driver a ratio of 1.57 in the heavier 2nd gear. This allows the number of gears to be increased with many possible combinations.

Thanks to the compatibility with any conventional BSA/BSC bottom bracket with a width of 68/73mm, a wide range of possibilities becomes available for use. A patented bolting system enables problem-free installation without any processing of the frame.

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