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Oskar – אופניי הסינגל ספיד הראשונים המונעים במנוע מרכזי של Bosch. הדגם מיועד לחובבי העיצוב המוקפד המשולב בטכנולוגיה אמינה. הודות למנוע החזק Bosch Active Line Plus, אין ממש צורך בהילוכים בדגם הזה. למען האמת גם כשהמנוע לא פעיל האופניים מציעים רכיבה יעילה ומהנה מאוד.

* הסבל אופציונלי ולא כלול במחיר

Fully equipped for the city: Oskar has a complete lighting system and will impress with its crisp e-support, low-maintenance components and clean look. Oskar can also be ridden with the motor switched off; and we also offer optional accessories for baggage and all weather conditions. Oskar is reliable in every situation. The Bosch Active Line Plus drive unit ensures a natural riding experience. The special geometry of the frame guarantees sporty cornering. Despite its e-motor, Oskar still has the typical ride feel of a Schindelhauer bike. Behind the tidy exterior is a technically complex in-house development that encloses e-motor and battery as compactly and elegantly as possible — without sacrificing functionality or stability.

The design is puristic with every detail well considered, with the hidden cabling a typical Schindelhauer feature. Reliability is paramount here: Our years of proven Gates CDX belt drive are complemented perfectly by the reliable Bosch drive unit.

Oskar is a clean commuter pedelec; a genuine alternative mode of transport — without the need to find a parking space.

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