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Sprocket Pro-Line

Sprocket ProLine משלב את כל היתרונות של סדרת ProLine והותאם במיוחד לשימוש עם שרשראות של 11 הילוכים. בקוג הזה השתמשה בפעם הראשונה במשחקים האולימפיים בריו 2016 לא אחרת מאשר האלופה האולימפית Kristina Vogel. העיצוב הדק של הגלג"ש מוריד משקל ביחס לקוג סטנדרטי. המבנה מבטיח העברת כוח מהירה ומדוייקת ועמידות טובה יותר בפני שחיקה. את העיצוב משלימה חריטת לייזר איכותית הכוללת את הלוגו של קפשטיין.

What does ProLine mean?

“ProLine” refers to a new product line that has been specially developed for competitive sports or for extremely high-performance requirements. All products that are labelled with the add-on “ProLine” have been optimised accordingly. These optimisations include, among other factors, weight, stiffness, durability, functionality, coating or the choice of material. The weight reduction, aerodynamic advantages and improved performance are mainly due to the fact that all ProLine products are designed exclusively for the narrower 11-speed chains (1/2" x 9/128"). We have set new standards in professional cycling equipment with our special coating processes and unique “Round-Teeth-Design” technology (see next article) which is used in the entire ProLine series.

The first product of the series was our Sprocket ProLine, which was developed in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games in close cooperation with the FES (Institute for Research and Development of Sports Equipment). In the same year the “Elite” track chainring and the design classic “Ruphus ProLine” for the front drive train followed. With the development of track cycling, more and more professional athletes are using Kappstein's ProLine series components, most notably Kristina Vogel and Stefan Bötticher. The 8bar team competes using Kappstein ProLine chainrings and sprockets both on the road and at various critical mass events. The athletes repeatedly emphasise the ProLine drive's extreme smoothness and durability.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the FES team, which supports us constantly with material and performance tests as well as their comprehensive know-how in the field of competitive sports. Together we are already working on new developments for the next Olympic Games in 2020!


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