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The Kappstein Lockring, like the Sprockets, is made of high quality 630 stainless steel. With a material thickness of 6.5 mm it belongs to the wider lock rings. However, despite its strength, the lock ring weighs only 29 grams. Kappstein has designed an extra thick lock ring that is compatible with all hubs fitted with a BSA or ITA thread. A common problem whereby the hook wrench is applied leading to round gaps in the teeth after tightening is a thing of the past. The Track Lockrings are also completely manufactured in our own production facilities.

LOCKRING ITA – Some high end hub producer using for their hubs a thread which is a bit taller than the standard BSA thread. They named it italian thread (1.32" x 24 TPI) and it is used by brands like Campagnolo, Phil Wood, Mack and Kappstein as well.

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